#FreeWordsTurkeyFriday, 18/10/2019, 3:00 pm
#FreeWordsTurkeySaturday, 19/10/2019, 10:00 am

A conversation with Doğan Akhanlı, Recai Hallaç and Gerrit Wustmann

Madonnas letzter Traum

In his book “Madonnas letzter Traum”, Doğan Akhanlı takes up the novella “Madonna in the fur coat” of the Turkish poet Sabahattin Ali and rewrites it. Akhanlı turns Ali into a novel character himself. On his way into exile he is killed in 1948 by members of the Turkish secret service. Immediately before his death, he confesses that Maria Puder died differently in reality than in his novel. “Madonnas letzter Traum” is the attempt to discover the true story of Maria Puder's life and death during the Nazi era.

Participants: Doğan Akhanlı, Recai Hallaç
Moderation: Gerrit Wustmann


Friday, 18/10/2019
5:00 pm

Stand KulturForum:
Halle 3.1 J2