Appell an die Bundeskanzlerin
From Prominent Turkish Philanthropist to Political Prisoner

Osman Kavala interview:

The "enemy criminal law" is practiced against me

The well-known patron of culture and head of the Anadolu Cultural Foundation, Osman Kavala, was acquitted on 20 February, together with eight other defendants in the Gezi trial, after almost 28 months in prison. But even before he was able to leave prison, a new arrest warrant was issued against him in connection with the coup attempt of 15 July, thus preventing his "release" - despite the fact that the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) had already demanded in December 2019 that he be "released immediately". A third arrest warrant was finally issued against Kavala at the beginning of March, this time on charges of "espionage".


Şirin Payzın, a well-known TV presenter, conducted a written interview with Kavala in Turkish with the help of his lawyers for the prestigious news portal T24, which we translated in extracts into German and English.