Seeking Justice for

Selahattin Demirtaş

“The narrow narrative volume of Demirtaş has it all. There are moments when the breath falters while reading. For example, in a story about the holiday mood of a harmonious family and the infatuation of a young woman, the idyll tips over and rape and murder put the finishing touches.”
From the book review of about "Morgengrauen" by Selahattin Demirtaş

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Seeking Justice for

Osman Kavala

"Writing about some people, you think, is easy. You think it is easy to write about what is good, about what is beautiful. In fact, that is not the case. Especially if he is a person who is completely distinguished by being good and beautiful."
Nurcan Kaya, on the occasion of Osman Kavala’s birthday on October 2 nd , 2019

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Seeking Justice for

Ahmet Altan

“With the politically motivated verdict, a critical commentator of the events in Turkey was deprived of his freedom. Ahmet Altan has repeatedly clearly taken position regarding the situation of the Kurds as well as regarding the discussion in terms of the genocide of the Armenians. His fate, unfortunately, exemplifies the situation of many independent journalists in increasingly authoritarian or also dictatorial societies.”
From the statement of the jury on the occasion of the Geschwister-Scholl-Award 2019 to Ahmet Altan.

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Freedom of Press in Turkey

parallax background

Reporter News Agency Dicle

Abdülkadir Turay

Abdullah Kaya

Reporter News Agency Dicle

Abdullah Kılıç

Columnist of the newspaper Meydan

Abdullah Özyurt

Reporter of the newspaper Zaman

Ahmet Feyzullah Özyurt

Journalist of the newspaper Türkiye

Ahmet Memiş

News chief of the internet platform Haberdar

Ahmet Metin Sekizkardeş

Writer, columnist of the newspaper Zaman

Ahmet Uzan

News chief of the newspaper Sabah Egeli

Ahmet Yavaş

Employee of TRT

Alaattin Akkaşoğlu

Journalist of the regional newspaper Akış
in Kütahya

Alaattin Kaya

Editor of the newspaper Zaman

Ali Ahmet Böken

News coordinator TRT

Ali Akkuş

Head of the newspaper Zaman

Ali Aşikar

Employee of the newspaper Azadiya Welat

Ali Ünal

Columnist of the newspaper Zaman

Arafat Dayan

Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper Demokratik Ulus

Aslı Ceren Aslan

Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper Özgür Gelecek

Ayşenur Parıldak

Reporter of the newspaper Zaman

Aytekin Gezici

Writer, Journalist

Aziz İstegün

Responsible for the newspaper Zaman in Diyarbakır

Bayram Kaya

Reporter of the newspaper Zaman

Bedri Adanır

Publisher of the Aram publishing house

Beytullah Özdemir

Responsible for the newspaper Zaman in Düzce

Cebrail Parıltı

Reporter of the Anadolu agency in Derik

Cemal Azmi Kalyoncu

Journalist, Writer

Cuma Ulus

News coordinator of the newspaper Millet

Diren Keser

Representative of TV10 in Mersin

Emre Soncan

Court reporter of the newspaper Zaman

Ercan Gün

News editor of Fox TV

Erdal Sen

Former editor-in-chief of the newspaper Meydan

Although the Republic of Turkey has always oppressed freedom of speech and there is a long history of imprisoning writers and academics, the AKP government, especially during the last few years, has been imprisoning more journalists, intellectuals and artists than any government before, making Turkey the country with most writers behind bars worldwide. At the same time the AKP has amassed an enormous concentration of media power, with over 80% of Turkish television and radio broadcasts as well as newspapers being pro-government. Some of the biggest and oldest media companies were purposefully bought by businessmen close to the government or were forced to let off journalists publishing articles critical of government policies. Other media houses were shut down in the context of “anti-terror” campaigns resulting in a highly conformist media scene. Apart from sections of the population deliberately following oppositional media, the vast majority of the Turkish public does not get to see TV-channels and newspapers other than those in accordance with government politics. In general all newspapers for sale at newsagents and in shops are published with exactly identical headlines, quoting statements by president Erdoğan.
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"The civil rights movement in Turkey has shown to the world public
that people from all walks of life are committed to democratic rights."
Günter Wallraff
"There are more journalists imprisoned in Turkey than in China, there
is practically only AKP press. Solidarity of journalists in Turkey is
more important than ever."
Oliver Welke
"...My relief was also a consequence of the immense public pressure
that my friends had built up with their campaign, my newspaper and
all other media with their solidarity and many citizens with their
commitment. I am infinitely grateful for this great support."
Deniz Yücel
"The success we are achieving together in the name of democracy and
freedom of expression in Turkey and Kurdistan is also a result of
efforts and support from abroad. This support is extremely valuable to us."
Selahattin Demirtaş
"In democracies, decisions and their implementation can be more difficult
and take longer than in non-democratic societies. But the result of such
processes will be one that shows us that it is worthwhile to accept this
difficult and long process."
Osman Kavala

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